Cegeka is a leading family business in technology and "In Close Cooperation" is more than a tagline. It is the DNA of our family business and absolute core value at Cegeka. And that is reflected in everything. In the tough world of IT, Cegeka is a unique blend of level-headed pragmatism and genuine commitment. We go for ‘hard’ results, but we take a human approach. At Cegeka we believe that ‘soft’ skills like empathy, flexibility and the ability to listen are just as important as knowledge and expertise.

We offer our customers a wide range of IT solutions in the areas of infrastructure, digital workplace, software, cloud, data and security. A customer-oriented approach is in our DNA: we do not want to work for, but with our customers. As an IT supplier and as a trusted partner. In this way we build close, lasting relationships in which we always help each other further.

Our Cegeka values form the cornerstone of our identity and are at the baseline of our success. Development is one of the core values. Development not only in the field of technology, but also on an individual level. Because we believe that we can only grow if our employees do too, so we continuously challenge them to leverage their true strengths. Achieve your full potential within our team! www.cegeka.com